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Get your kitchen organized for the holidays! Here are 5 spots that need attention

Keeping your kitchen organized this holiday season will cut down on the stress.

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to think about transforming your kitchen into an organized, stress-free space.

Sabrina Gardner, founder of Salt by Sabrina, shares her expertise on how to make your kitchen drawers, cabinets, and cupboards holiday-ready.

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5 Spots to Get Organized in Your Kitchen

Why Kitchen Organization Matters for the Holidays

Kitchen organization is essential for the holidays. The kitchen is the heart of the home during this festive season. It’s where you prepare delicious meals, entertain guests, and create lasting memories. By keeping your kitchen well-organized, you can significantly reduce stress and enhance your overall holiday experience.

Where to Start: Tackling Your Drawers

Sabrina recommends starting with your drawers, which are often the most disorganized spaces in the kitchen. To simplify your efforts, focus on three specific drawers:

  1. Silverware Drawer: You’ll be setting the table frequently during the holidays, so having a well-organized silverware drawer is a must.
  2. Utensil Drawer: This drawer houses essential kitchen tools for baking and cooking.
  3. Kitchen Towel Drawer: Kitchen towels are in constant use during meal prep and clean-ups.

The Purge: Simplify and Declutter

Once you’ve identified the drawers that need attention, it’s time to declutter. Empty the drawers entirely to start with a clean slate. Then, get an organizer that fits your drawer’s dimensions. The goal is to trim down the excess—do you really need four whisks, or would two suffice?

Think Outside the Box: Customizing Your Space

One challenge many people face is finding drawer organizers that fit perfectly. Sabrina’s solution is to customize your organizers. Custom-fitted organizers maximize the use of both vertical and horizontal space, creating about 40% more storage.

When it comes to drawers, don’t limit yourself to the standard silverware and utensil categories. Create themed drawers for baking or crafting, making it fun and convenient to access your essentials.

Special Spaces That Deserve Attention

Apart from drawers, other areas of your kitchen can benefit from organization:

  1. Wrapping Station: Keep a drawer or a designated space for wrapping essentials, such as ribbon, tape, and scissors, to make holiday gift-wrapping a breeze.
  2. Tupperware Drawer: Drawer dividers work wonders in keeping your Tupperware containers and lids neatly separated.
  3. Pots and Pans: Store pots, pans, and lids efficiently using dividers.
  4. Kitchen Dishrags: Organize dishrags and cloths neatly.

The Junk Drawer Dilemma

Junk drawers tend to accumulate all sorts of items over time. To manage the chaos, create designated spots for frequently used items like mail and keys. Additionally, clean out your junk drawer and leave a few empty compartments. These spaces act as temporary homes for miscellaneous items until you find a permanent spot for them. It’s a great way to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget to add kitchen organization to your to-do list. By simplifying your space, you’ll create the right atmosphere for cooking, hosting, and making holiday memories.

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