Kitchen Personality Test

Studio 5 Contributor Laura Wolford speaks the language of kitchens and has deciphered what a few kitchens are trying to tell you.

Creating Your Space

When considering your cabinetry it’s important to create a space that’s true to your individual style and taste. A room that reflects your personality and interacts well with the rest of your home.

table cabinents

the family
chef and cooking enthusiast this kitchen
houses your dream appliances, primarily focused on flow and function.
Everything in this space has a purpose for you to create your own food

making the neighbors jealous…Something refined and
organized, a classic and timeless look that shows clarity. Multiple
colors help
with balance while simple lines and elegant moldings capture the
attention to
every detail.

clean and
sophisticated… a return to white
cabinetry with a modern flare. Bold distinction with darker floors and
countertops and vibrant colors on the walls keep this space warm and

gathering of color, textures and substrates.
Made to feel more like furniture, an elegant yet down to earth space
reminiscent of a European farmhouse. Beautiful and cozy while at the
same time

All of these kitchens were created by Deron Johnson from Deco Design Fine Furniture. There are more photos and kitchen ideas on their website. For more information, you can find them online at or call (801)558-8666

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