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The Wonderful World of Flatware: 8 kitchen utensil sets that bring the wow factor

You have that nice set of dishes, and probably some matching glasses. But if you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the same silverware for who knows how long! Well start keeping your eyes peeled, because there are some really cool flatware sets on the market that will spice up your kitchen drawers.

Mindy Dunyon shares eight kitchen utensil sets that will amp up the vibe at dinnertime.


Get a New Set of Kitchen Utensils

Gold Silverware Set, $27.99

Striped Flatware Set, $12.99, Home Goods

Hammered Flatware Set, $29.99, Home Goods

Wood Handle Flatware, $2.99 each

Bent Metal Flatware, $4.99 each

Black and Gold Flatware, $4.99 each

Rainbow Mirror Flatware, $24.24

Teal Stainless Steel and Plastic Flatware, $9.96, Walmart



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