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Klein’s Custom Countertops: Clean Bathrooms


• According to a nationwide Readers Digest poll, more than 47 percent of Americans picked the bathroom as the room they hated to clean most. Next was the kitchen at 14 percent.

• One of the more difficult, disgusting and time consuming areas to clean in the bathroom is the tub and shower. These areas create the perfect atmosphere for bacterial, mold and mildew growth. It’s commonly seen as either a dark or orangish residue seen around the edges.

• Once microbial growth has begun to build up in caulk, grout and other shower seams, it can be very hard to remove. Numerous “after shower” spray products are currently on the market to help prevent this from happening.

• Natural stone showers must be sealed at least once every six-months to prevent microbial growth in its pores. Once microbes have penetrated the stone, a noticeable odor and stone discolorization will occur.

• Silestone eliminates the need for “after-shower” cleaners to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew growth. Silestone, protected by Microban, prevents these microbes from growing, thereby giving its homeowner a naturally cleaner shower.

• Silestone is made from natural quartz and provides a luxurious stone look for the bathroom. However, unlike other natural stones, Silestone is permanently non-porous and never needs sealing.

• Silestone will keep your shower smelling cleaner and fresher. In addition to eliminating odor causing bacteria, Silestone is certified by the Greenguard institute for low to zero product emissions throughout its lifetime. This means cleaner air every time you enter your bathroom.

• Klein’s is currently giving away a free shower or tub surround. Utahns can enter the contest through KSL, by visiting the Klein’s booth at the Spring and Garden Home Show at the Southtowne Expo Center, or by visiting Klein’s at 1030 South 700 West in Salt Lake City.


For more information on Klein’s Custom Countertops, go to, visit them at 1030 South 700 West in Salt Lake City or call (801) 973-2333

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