LA Boxing: A New Type of Fitness

Damon Willis, owner of LA Boxing in Orem, talking about this exciting fitness idea that just might be perfect for you.

Every class has the LA Boxing Workout fused into the very core when you visit LA Boxing. If you think you’ve taken a group fitness class before, think again. LA Boxing is the largest boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts training organization in the world. They are leading the fitness industry with the LA Boxing Workout: the very best, most authentic and effective fitness training possible.

The LA Boxing Workout is:

• The only fitness program to mirror an actual boxing, kickboxing or MMA match, incorporating their trademarked five, three-minute rounds with active one-minute breaks.

• Proven to burn 800-1000 calories per hour, making LA Boxing a popular workout option for anyone who wants to quickly and effectively get in shape.

• One of the only gyms with trainers that are world class fighters who have gone through rigorous training to know the best way to challenge the body to its ultimate shape.

The results of The LA Boxing Workout are proven to increase strength and cardio endurance – and to get you in the best shape of your life.

Visit LA Boxing in Orem at 1620 South State in Orem, call them at (801) 765-1BOX or online at

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