Let’s Get Organized!

Studio 5 viewer Stacie Wolf has been getting organized after the crazy holiday season. She’s used Peter Walsh’s “31 Days 2 Get Organized” Challenge to help her along the way.

Each day, Peter asks you to focus on a different part of your home—your linen closet, your sock drawer, your car… etc. But here’s the best part, only spend 10 minutes each day! In no time, your home will be organized and clutter free.

Tips to Organize Your…


1. Go around and collect all of your magazines from your entire house.

2. Bring them to one room and organize them by type.

3. You are only allowed to keep 3 back issues of each magazine.

4. BUT you are given a free “pass” to keep all issues from your favorite one.

5. Recycle the rest.

Desk or Craft Area:

1. Make sure everything has its own spot. It’s okay to use little bins and containers to keep things in.

2. Don’t be afraid of using files!

3. Come up with a system for your mail and bills. Don’t let it take over your entire desk, just give it two trays.


1. Take it one area at a time. If you tackle the entire kitchen at once, you’ll give up and burn yourself out.

2. When you organize, take everything out of the drawer or cupboard. Don’t organize inside of it. If you take it all out you can better see what you have and then throw away what you don’t need.

3. After you organize it, commit to keep it clean. Don’t say things like “Just today I’ll leave it dirty” or “Tomorrow I’ll clean.”

Based on Peter Walsh’s “31 Days 2 Get Organized”


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