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They provide professional expertise, creativity and coordination to help make each event a unique and memorable event for the bride, groom, their families and guests. They deal in event planning and coordination; design, theme concepts, creative assistance and etiquette, they provide invitations and wedding accessories, specialty linens and rental of unique items that are hard to find and most of all, they offer peace of mind that your event will be better than you imagined.

Christine Miller, owner of LiBella Wedding Planning and Design, appears on Studio 5 with practical solutions on how to make the Bride’s Wedding Day special.

What is the most important thing you can give a bride on her wedding day?

Mother of the Bride:

Focus on your daughter’s needs and not yours

Add little touches to help her out (make-up, quick fixes, safety pins)

Be supportive with lots of warmth and hugs

Get someone to help you so you can be by your daughter’s side all day without having to worry about details, i.e. reception, etc.

Mother of the Groom (mother-in-law):

Be there to support both the bride and the groom

Treat your daughter-in-law as you would your own daughter

Be warm

Surprise her with a small significant gift

Kind gestures will mean a lot to your son as well as his new wife


Great time to hand down a special family heirloom

Write a special letter to her on her wedding day about your hopes and dreams for her or special advice on marriage that she can receive only from you

Let her know how proud you are of her

Best Friend (can also be Maid of Honor):

Help with any last minute emergencies


Let her know you are there for her

Before wedding – a bridal showers

Neighbors and Other Friends of the Bride:

Ask bride beefore wedding if there is anything you can do to help

Offer to help transport gifts from reception to bride’s parents home

If brides new home is in your neighborhood, offer to check on home while they’re on honeymoon

Bring dinner or cookies when they return from honeymoon to welcome them to the neighborhood

Special Idea for Friendsfor After a Ceremony:

Celebration Wedding Wands

Celebration Wands are a fun and unique way to congratulate the bride and groom at the end of any ceremony or at their grand exit after the reception.
The celebration wand was created for any occasion, especially weddings where no noisemakers or objects can be thrown. The wands are personalized for your event by allowing you to select the color of the ribbons used on the wands.


Wand stick 12″ wooden dowel or any type of round stick from your local craft store

Attached ribbons each 24″ long in (4) colors

Rhinestones (at least 1 per wand)

Hot glue gun or tacky craft glue

The wand is wrapped with 6 strands of ribbon that hang from it. There is also a rhinestone at the top of the wand where the ribbon strands are attached.
Start with the wand handle ribbon color – This is the largest part of your wand and it is what the guests hold on to. We suggest the color of the wand to be White, Ivory, Black or Chocolate Brown. Attach the ribbon on the handle with your craft glue and slowly twist the wand so that the ribbon wraps around and has completely covered the wand to the top. Trim, tuck and glue the ribbon.

Start attaching your accent ribbons on the top of the wand with the glue in this order.

2.5 ft. x ½ inch strands

2 ft. x ½ inch strands

1.5 ft. x 1/8 inch each

Once you have attached all your ribbons, you can now add rhinestones and other embellishments. Viola!

For more information on how to order these affordable celebration wands custom made for your event, contact Christine Miller at LiBella Event Planning & Design. |

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