Life Insurance

Many of us spend our lives trying to make life better for the people around us. That’s important to do even after we pass on.

Shawn Iverson, from the Insurance Center, answers some common questions about life insurance.

If you love someone, then you need a life insurance policy. Life insurance isn’t for you, but the ones you leave behind. There is only one guarantee in life, we ALL will die. We don’t know when, but I guarantee it will happen. So…EVERYONE needs a life policy. Young and Old!

I believe in life insurance. I personally have seen the benefits of having a life insurance policy. Early on in my career I sold a policy to my mom and step dad. At the time, I was grateful for the sell. I didn’t truly understand the importance of life insurance. But, six years ago last week, my stepdad passed away within one week of being diagnoses with pancreatitis. It came on so suddenly. Being able to deliver a life insurance check to my grieving mother was a life line to her. There is no way she, nor my little brother, could have made it financially without the help of the life insurance proceeds. It’s never enough, but the life insurance proceeds made it a little easier to mourn, knowing we didn’t have the additional worry of paying hospital bills and funeral expenses. We have paid out death benefits to several other beneficiaries. Never once has someone told me that the benefit was TOO much. They all wish there was more, regardless of the amount.

A common dilemma is determining how much to buy. As much as you can afford! We’ve never had a beneficiary tell us we gave them too much money when their loved one died.
There are several ways to determine.
Wall Street Journal said several years ago that 7-14 times your annual income
Needs analysis calculator – “current and future debt” minus existing resources (savings, investments, life insurance)

You can also try to determine how much life insurance you need using a life insurance calculator.
No one can predict the future, so something is better than nothing

It’s very easy to take out a life insurance policy. Auto Owner’s makes it simple. They have different products depending upon your need. If you can answer “no” to five simple questions, then we can make the policy effective immediately.

If you are afraid of needles and don’t want your blood drawn, Auto Owners offers a product that uses a mouth swab test instead of a needle.

The best thing to do is give us a call and we will hold your hand throughout the process.

I don’t think you can afford NOT to have a policy. (picture of lemonade stand) Depending upon your age and health you can purchase life insurance for less than a $1 a day. The younger you are and the healthier you are, the less expensive it is. This week, we wrote a $1,000,000 death benefit for a 35 year female for only $19 a month.

However, don’t let old age and poor health stop you from asking us about life insurance. A few weeks ago we wrote a 68 year old man that was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. The premium was a higher than if he were a 35 healthy man, but we were still able to get him coverage.

Some people have life insurance through their employers. Group insurance is great and usually very inexpensive. The only bad thing is that it is tied to your employment. Will you always work for the same company? Will you quit? Get terminated? Start your own business? So, it is important to have something you can have no matter where you work.

There are multiple different types of life insurance which makes people wonder what type of insurance to buy. The best answer is “the type that is in effect when you die!” there are many types, and it is important to meet with your advisor to make sure you have the right policy for you!

Call us at toll free at 877-422-2626 or look us up at

We have five offices throughout the state to assist you.

(Discounts for auto, home and business insurance if write a life policy. Trusted insurance company that is financially sound and that is rated favorably. We really like auto owners
because of their many options, their great service and their sound financials.)

The Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency representing over 50 insurance companies. One of our favorites is Auto Owner’s Insurance Company. AO has the highest rating from AM Best (A++). Only the top 4% of all insurance companies have that high of a rating. They write all lines of insurance including home, auto, business, work comp, bonding AND ALSO Life insurance.

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