Lifeline and Drug Prevention

We want our children to be safe and avoid drug abuse. New research shows there are some things that you can do to help steer them in the right direction.

Dan Scholz is a Clinical Director with Lifeline and shares some ways to help strengthen your family and guard against drug abuse.

Extensive research during the past two decades has identified a number of prevention strategies that measurably reduce drug use, including by those at high risk.

These strategies share a common goal: strengthening “protective factors,” such as well-developed social skills, strong family bonds, attachment to school, and active involvement in the community and religious organizations, while reducing “risk factors” that increase vulnerability to drug abuse. Recent research suggests that resilience is also an important factor; even in high risk, adverse circumstances, many people are able to resist drugs. (Courtesy the U.S. Department of Justice )

Drug Prevention Strategies

1. Help your child develop social skills
2. Create a strong family bond
3. Encourage school activities and involvement
4. Stay connected to community or religious organizations
5. Positive Peer Pressure

There are specifically ways families can build a strong family bond.:

1. Schedule family time
2. Eat meals together
3. Create a family mission statement
4. Have family meetings
5. Become involved in your teen’s interests

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