LifeLine and Troubled Teens

Sometimes parents need a little extra help when their teenaged children start struggling with various issues. What you might see as a problem is often a warning sign of a bigger issue.

Dan Scholz, LCSW, is the Clinical Director at LifeLine where they help families and struggling teenagers and he helps us identify what to look for.

LifeLine is a program for youth aged 13-17. Our belief is that “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, meaning when there are behavioral problems there are underlying reasons.

We commonly deal with behavioral problems or “Warning Signs”:

Warning signs include:
Declining grades
Family conflict
Substance abuse
Mood changes
Change in friends
Anger or aggression

Our belief is that drugs and other behavioral problems are a symptom, not the problem. We define this as a “Core issue”.

Core issues include:
Grief and loss
Change in living

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