Lighted Marquee Lights

Ever want to see your name in the lights or a favorite word or quote? Marquee lights are decorative way to display that in a fun way that is an easy DIY that you can complete in an afternoon.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares her simple tutorial to make your own lighted marquee lights.

For this project you need bulb lights (Target $12.99 for a pack of 25 lights), cardboard letters (JoAnns $4.59 each), paint, xacto knife.

– First you will want to figure out how many bulbs you want to include on each letter, measuring with your preference, and mark your spots on the right side of the letter.

– Turn your letters over and with a knife cut along the borders of the letter. Once complete you will pull the back of the letter off and remove the small cardboard pieces in inside the letter.

– Taking your xacto knife, cut your desired spots making a x. Then take your xacto knife, using the bottom end pushing it through the hole making it bigger for your bulb.

– Paint your letters with your color choice, or leave the original color. Tip, spray paint doesn’t work well on this material!

– Take you bulb off the string, placing your string on the back of each letter and attaching the bulb through the hole to the main string.

– Place your letters in a beautiful place, turn the lights out and ENJOY!!!

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