Lindon Farms

Lindon Farms has the widest variety of long term food storage including award-winning breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees as well as delicious freeze fried fruits and vegetables. And they bring new meaning to the term “home cooked” since all of their meals are produced in house.

Tania Bills, from Lindon Farms talks about some of the foods available.

Each of the Lindon Farms Monthly Series Packs has been specifically designed to provide 2,000 calories a day and boasts a shelf life up to 25 years.

While many other food storage brands simply “relabel” the food storage products, Lindon Farms produces all its own meals in house. This allows us to use higher quality products, more variety, and timely shipping. Lindon Farms is a certified cGMP facility. And since there is no “middle man” we pass the savings directly to our customers. Quality long term food storage straight from the manufacturer to your door.

Lindon Farms uses the latest technology in packaging each of its long term food storage products. Each meal is conveniently packaged in a 5-10 serving sized, zipseal, METALITE ™ pouch with an oxygen absorber to ensure an oxygen free environment. This allows our products to enjoy a SHELF-LIFE of up to 25 years when stored properly in a cool, dry place.

Lindon Farms Food Storage is an industry leader in price variety and quality. We saw a need in the marketplace to offer simple, easy to use food storage products that will provide the necessary nutrition and calories needed to sustain. Each of our food kits provide 2000 calories per day and at a price around $1/serving. We use only the highest quality ingredients to insure each meal not only will enjoy a long shelf life, but that the nutrition and taste will remain intact over the years. And since we manufacture each of our own meals, we can deliver the highest quality food storage on the market for the best price available.

We are currently running a promotion with the Utah Food Bank. For each sale we generate on our store front, we will donate 50 servings of our freeze dried meals to the Utah Food Bank.

Please visit us at to see our wide variety of food storage kits to get your family prepared today, Lindon Farms…Bringing Peace of Mind Home!

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