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Liven things up a little! Keep your relationship fresh in 4 ways

Here’s how to keep your relationship fresh.

As humans, we love routine and predictability… until we don’t.

If your relationship is feeling stale or boring, life coach Georgia Anderson shares four ways to keep your relationship fresh.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Summer means fresh! Fresh fruit, ice water, cool plunges, and splash pads. So is your relationship craving some summer freshness – or Is your relationship feeling stale? The word “stale” implies old, stuck, hard and dry, tasteless, the same, boring, and in need of life and renewal. Sound familiar?

The best way to bring freshness into relationship is novelty, but in the right dose. It’s basic human nature to seek both safety and novelty in relationships. Both of those things are necessary, and both can have downsides.

Too much safety = boredom, relational malaise, blandness nothing ever changes or grows.

Too much novelty = disruption, too many changes, chaos, even infidelity or breaches of trust.

How do we create heathy balance of safety and novelty? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Move your bodies together. Moving together is a great way to co-regulate nervous systems. Try a daily walk, take a hike, go on a swim, pick up a pickle ball paddle or even hit a yoga class.
  2. Revisit an activity. Remember something you used to do together that you don’t do anymore and have a reunion with it. Can you recreate your first date? Formally ask your partner out? Maybe you do something you did while you were daring, or first learning about each other. Remember and revisit!
  3. Explore something completely new for both of you. The goal here is to create a sense of PLAY together! Maybe you learn a new sport or skill, maybe you surprise your partner with a mystery activity. Embrace something new!
  4. Switch up responsibilities. Reevaluate who does what—switch it up even just for fun. Tired of cooking? Want to try your hand at car maintenance? Try doing something your partner does on a regular basis and ask them to switch something out that you need a break from. This creates a fresh perspective about your partner and their contribution.


Give your relationship some summer freshness. Lighten things up, shake out stuff that no longer serves you, freshen it up with a new perspective and a splash of physical activity, the sit back and enjoy!

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