cinnamon bun

Love List: The new cinnamon bun JoJo’s will top your favorite treat list

If you’re a cinnamon bun fan… run, don’t walk to Trader Joe’s!

If you’re anything like the Studio 5 staff, you’ll need a sugary treat after you eat. it doesn’t have to be big, but just a little something something to end each meal on a sweet note.

This week’s Love List addition will be the perfect snack to have on hand, and we can almost promise you haven’t tried it before.

Trader Joe’s just released a new limited-time product: Cinnamon Bun inspired JoJo’s. Studio 5 producer Harlee Frodsham is a JoJo lover. So, she rushed to the store when she heard they released a spinoff flavor. It tastes exactly as promised- like a cinnamon roll in cookie form. So, when you’re not feeling the full bun, you can still get a taste of that comforting cinnamon-y, cream flavor in a fun size!

You can find a box at Trader Joe’s for $3.49. Get it before they’re gone!


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