Lucky Day Giveaways

You can be the leprechaun that spreads a little luck around this holiday.

Emily Hover shares how to stage a Lucky Day for someone you love, along with 7 simple gift ideas to give away.

1. “At the end of the rainbow, YOU are my pot of gold!” We’ve used a mason jar for this gift – a little black shred at the bottom, then as much gold as you can stuff in! We’ve finished it off with a cupcake wrapper (rainbow print), and tied it off with some raffia.

2. “I’m over the RAINBOW for you!” We’ve filled a small green gift box with rainbow colored treats (rainblo gum, mentos, candy sticks, and airhead extremes). Make it bright and colorful!

3. “‘Irish’ you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day” This is such a simple play on words, but just right to slip in a friend’s mailbox or put on a co-worker’s desk. We’ve wrapped a TWIX bar with a clover printed paper (let the gold stick out the sides), and tied on the tag with gold ribbon.

4. “Tis better far at the rainbow’s end, to find not gold, but the heart of a friend.” We’ve filled a small box full of chocolate hearts. This saying and gift is great for someone you’re really close to. Maybe your special someone!

5. “Feeling Lucky… to have a friend like you!” You can replace the second half of the saying to fit anyone. Feeling lucky to have a husband, friend, daughter etc. We’ve used ribbon to attach these to a bag of goodies.

6. “It’s your LUCKY DAY! A little leprechaun has sent some gold your way!” This is a 4″x6″ print that can be used for so many things! We’ve packaged it up with chocolate gold coins, & gold confetti and a hot air balloon. You can open it up and spread it out on your child’s pillow, at the breakfast table, or keep it packaged up for them to find in their backpack. ** Also would be darling to send in the mail to grandchildren – add some real gold dollar coins and let the magic happen!

7. Shamrock Attack – whether you “attack” your own children, or you have them help you “attack” a grandma or neighbor’s house – it’s sure to be a hit. Cut out shamrocks, gather up your gold, and go have fun! (decorate a front door, a bedroom door, the bathroom mirror, a car windshield, etc.)

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