Macey’s: Holiday Savings

Macey’s makes holiday party planning easy and inexpensive.

1. Macey’s Party Trays

a. Assortments of meats, breads, fruits and vegetables, pies
b. Selected items are ideal for snacks, finger food and social settings
c. These trays are very popular during the holiday season, especially with regards to work and family parties

2. Macey’s Perks Program

a. We just completed one month of Macey’s new rewards program, Perks
b. As you use your Perks membership, you accumulate points, get additional coupons and discover other current deals happening at Macey’s
c. You can accumulate enough points to earn a Thanksgiving Turkey for free
d. Sign up at

3. ‘Macey’s Most Wanted’

a. Every day, one item at Macey’s goes on a really great sale
b. These items are selected and voted upon by the fans of Macey’s Facebook page
c. To participate, become a fan at

4. Double Ad Mondays

a. Weekly ads arrive in the mail with sales lasting from Monday to Monday
b. Each Monday, two weekly ads overlap, causing some items to have multiple discounts attached to them
c. Each week, these highlighted items change, causing Double Ad Monday products to vary

For more information visit www.macey’

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