Make a Photo Topiary

Studio 5 spotted this Photo Topiary on a local blog called Endless Possibilities. It’s the original work of blogger, author and professional scrapbooker, Wendy Smedley.


1. Gather Supplies

• title cards

• pattern paper to mount title cards on

• coloring tools (I used watercolor pencils)

• twelve summer photos

• adhesive

• paint

• knob

• dowel (mine measured 28″)

• washers (6)

• trim

• one folder

• ruler

• glue gun

• scissors

• small container to hold topiary

• foam to hold dowel in place

2. Make title cards.

I used Wish I Were Taller font, enlarged it to 68 point, then selected outline.

Underneath I added the second word using Quicksand Book font and played with the sizing until it fit the way I liked it

Then I colored in the letters using watercolor pencils
And last mounted the title on pattern paper measuring 4″x 6″

3. Paint dowel and knob

4. Fold photos and title cards in half using bone folder

5. Glue two folded photos to title card (one side of photo will remain unglued) let dry
(you will still have one photo to glue on after we position cards on the dowel)

6. Place washers on dowel (these are spacers for the photos)
Position title card with photos underneath dowel with unadhered pieces facing up

7. Adhere fourth photo being careful to not glue directly to dowel (this will make it so the photos can spin) Clamp to hold in place until dry

8. Adhere rest of photos, let dry

9. Prepare container

10. Anchor washers by adding some glue underneath each. This gives the photos a place to rest. (Avoid gluing photos to washer or the photos won’t spin as well.)

11. Add trim

12. Slide dowel into container, glue if needed

13. Add knob to top of dowel

14. Add covering to hide foam

Set out for everyone to enjoy!

Scrapbook supplies provided by Adorn It

Wendy enjoys blogging about scrapooking trends, local happenings, simple craft projects, good reads, and funny family antics.

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