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Make your own custom balloons! Here are 5 ideas that use simple supplies

Custom balloons are an easy DIY.

Those large balloon backdrops are amazing. For a child’s birthday party, we’ll help you get the impact of specialty balloons without overspending. You can make custom balloons with a few craft supplies.

Miranda Thompson shares how to make fun balloon creations yourself.

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Jelly Fish Balloons


  • Large helium filled 3 foot balloon from party store or your favorite balloon stylist
  • Strong Glue Dots
  • Ribbon, Strips of plastic table cloth, crepe paper, anything else that can hang form the balloon and attach with a glue dot
  • Weight for balloon


  • Get creative! Using glue dots, attach ribbon, crepe paper, strips of table cloth, etc from the bottom of the balloon. It’s as easy as that!


Crazy Daisy, Dino, and Pom Pom Balloons


  • 11 or 18″ helium filled balloons form party store or your favorite balloon Stylist
  • Strong Glue Dots
  • Pom Poms, small fabric Daisies, Dino Cut Outs, anything else that is light weigh and has a flat back that you can stick to the balloon
  • weight


  • Get creative! Using glue dots, attach daisies, foam stickers, paper cut outs, pom poms, etc to the balloon covering as much or as little of the surface as you want. It’s as easy as that!

Birthday Balloon Garland


  • 11″ balloons – buy a multi color pack
  • 260 balloons (the long skinny ones used for balloon dogs) – buy a mulit color pack
  • String, twine or ribbon
  • Honeycombs, tissue paper balloons, paper theme cut outs, etc.
  • Command Hooks for wall


  • Measure string, twine or ribbon and cut about a foot longer than you want the width of your backdrop to be.
  • Attach string to the wall using command hooks or attaching to other anchor points on your wall. i.e. a curtain rod
  • Inflate a variety of balloons on various sizes, shapes
  • Assemble and honeycomb, tissue paper pom poms or other cut outs and attach to a string that will give you whatever length you want. Using varying lengths will allow for a full backdrop with room for all the fun elements.
  • Tie ribbon, twine or string to all your balloons at varying lengths
  • Tie ribbons, twine or string to the top horizontal string until you have covered your full area.

Animal Balloons


  • 11″ or 18″ helium balloons from the party store or favorite balloon stylist
  • Cardstock or Construction Paper
  • Glue Dots
  • Weight for balloons


  • Using construction paper or cardstock cut out the elements of your animal face. Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
  • Using glue dots, adhere the items to your balloon

A tip for the ears, cut the bottom a little longer than you need to so you can fold the bottom over a bit and glue them to the top of the balloon

Balloon Lollipops


  • 11″ balloons – one or multiple colors
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Balloon Sticks and cups from Party store
  • Electrical tape
  • Ribbon


  • Inflate your balloons
  • Attach balloons to the balloon cups and cup to sticks you got from the party story
  • Wrap balloons in the cellophane wrap
  • Tie wrap with coordinating ribbon
  • Stick in ground leading up a walk way, use in a vase for a centerpiece or let the kids run around with them.

Miranda is a founder and co-owner of Snap Pop Party! She loves bright colors, especially pink, creating magic, bringing joy and her husband and kiddos. Miranda spent 25 years climbing the corporate career ladder before switching things up and starting a party business. Snap Pop Party! is your one stop shop for all you event enhancement needs from photo booths to balloons to fringe and so much more. Contact Miranda and see her work on Instagram

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