giant balloon number

You can make a giant balloon number yourself! Here’s the thrifty way to do it….

A giant balloon number is the perfect party piece.

With about two hours of your time and a $20 Amazon kit, you can have one of the big, floor-standing balloon numbers to make a backdrop for your party. This is the big statement piece that anchors the look. It’s really great news to anyone who has done a balloon setup where you know the costs add up!

Emily Price shares her special, thrifty way to put together a big birthday number.

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Make a Giant Balloon Number


  1. Print the number template and put it together. Cut it out. You can get the template from Google or Etsy
  2. Tape 4 pieces (or more depending on how big your number is) of foam core together. I use regular clear tape or white duct tape
  3. Put your template on the back side of the 4 pieces of foam core board and trace the template the wrong way. This way your pencil marks are on the back and the front looks nice.
  4. Using a craft knife or sharper kitchen knife, saw through the foam core board. You can either do this with the board standing up, or put a cutting mat or spare piece of foam core underneath but be careful not to cut through the second foam core board.
  5. With your other pieces of foam board, cut 6 inch strips. Once these strips are cut, you are going to score them (don’t cut all the way through) short ways. This will make it so they can bend around your number.
  6. tape the strips around your number.
  7. Fill lots of balloons in different sizes and then tape them inside the number


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