Make a giant letterboard! This is the easiest tutorial you’ve ever done…

The letterboard is a popular home decor item. We all know this, but did you know you can make one that is 10 times the size? And it’s easier than you think!

Darcie Liptrot shares how to make this extra large project, and says it’s the easiest tutorial you will ever follow!

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Make a Giant Letterboard

This statement wall treatment will surprise you for the way it becomes a real conversation piece with family.  You can made a giant letterboard for under $80 dollars.

This project is incredibly simple.  It is merely two or three wooden ledges mounted right on the wall.  Purchased marquee letters do the rest.

Darcie shared this supply list:

1.5” x 48” wooden shelf

These can really be any size or species of wood. If you have a handy-dandy husband or love working with a saw yourself, you can cut these strips from oak or alder or even pine. But, if you don’t care to cut, you can buy furring strips from any local lumber store or Home Depot. Furring strips are basically the same width and depth, and can be cut to any length you want, plus they are pennies on the dollar.

Velcro Command Strips

Yep, COMMAND STRIPS! Why? Because No nails in the wall necessary! I use three strips per board, and Bam!! Instant Letterboard! The best part about using command strips to put your Letterboard up is that it give you the ability to move it around without too much heart ache. My letterboard has been in three different locations already!

Measuring Tape and Mini Level

Use to space your boards 8.5” apart and check that they are level.  Mark and stick! You’re all done!!

Condensed Font Sign Letters

The letters are the most expensive part of this project, $65. I recommend ordering the letters online via www.alphabetsigns.com. The letters come in a variety of sizes, but I’ve found that the 6” condensed works and looks the best for this project.

Photo Box and Separators

Organization is key for quick messaging changes.  Store your letters in a decorative box and keep it near your sign.

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