Make H & M Hip and Mature

H&M is rumored for its stylish and not-so-spendy clothing that appeals to a
younger crowd. So can H & M really work for the mature woman? Studio 5
Beauty & Style Contributor says YES! She shares the 4 ways women can find a
classy, even sophisticated looks at H & M.

Style is what LOOKS and FEELS good on you. Fashion is flattering at any age
because age simply represents the evolution, the experience and the
embrace of every season of a woman’s life. As a maturing woman grows in
thought and idea, she begins to magnify the beauty in her heart. She is
conscious of how others look to her in the many roles she serves. She
endures with strength, plays with passion, serves with wisdom and leads with

Don’t let someone tell you to “dress to your age”! Dressing age appropriately
is for teenagers. Maturity yields the understanding that Image communicates.
Forget your age and let YOUR Image reflect the powerful refinement that you
have developed. At this stage in life, dress audience appropriate, body type
appropriate, event appropriate. Dress to your lifestyle, your self confidence,
your comfort. When you are true to your knowledge, understanding, belief
and depth of soul your image will communicate this journey and inspire the
people you influence.

Practice these tips and enjoy the freedom of fashion at any age. ANY store
will have something for YOU.

1. Know your body and dress it to FIT

If you wear clothing that is too tight or too baggy, you can lose the credibility
that comes with being “put together”. The number one rule in fashion is
making sure your clothing fits your body in the most flattering way possible.

2. Know your coloring and wear it with FLAIR

Wear colors that are harmonious with your personal coloring (made up of eye
color, hair color, and skin tone) Balance communicates strength. Color
attracts intrigue.

3. Know your lifestyle and dress it with FLEXIBILITY

How do you spend most of your time? You wardrobe should be filled with
flattering outfits to help you feel comfortable in your daily activities. Explore
creativity to enhance your favorite go-to outfit by adding a scarf, a purse, a
demi-jacket or even just bold colored sandals. Use simple accessories to re-
invent a basic.

4. Know whom you influence and inspire their INDIVIDUAL

Style is imitated. Style is duplicated. Style is a leader and the mature can lead
the youth. Reflect happiness with colored denim and a hat. Reflect feminity
with a pencil skirt and floral blouse. Reflect capability with a tailored jacket
over a flouncy dress. Reflect a style that mirrors your powerful spirit.

Don’t let someone tell you “You can’t/shouldn’t wear that” Let your wisdom
guide you in choosing what looks best on you and allows you to BE YOUR

All clothing can be found at H&M Fashion Place

Model 1

· Colored denim $34.99
· Blouse $19.99
· Belt $10.00

Model 2

· Dress $29.99
· White pant $29.99
· Cardigan $29.99
· Sandals $24.99-34.99
· Jewelry $10-12.95

Model 3

· Reptile print pant $29.99
· Shirt, $19.99
· Denim demi jacket, $39.99
· Hat, $ 9.95-19.99
· Sandals, $19.99
· Jewelry, $12.95

Model 4

· Linen pant, $39.99
· Tailored jacket, $49.95
· Blouse, $24.95
· Jewelry, $5-29.99

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