handmade paper

Make handmade paper… from paper! Here’s how to create these pretty sheets

Making handmade paper gives you room to customize!

Crafters think of everything. Their minds see beauty in basic items. With your recycled paper pile and a blender, you can create beautiful masterpieces.

Kelcie Hansen shares how to make handmade paper… from paper. She says sustainable crafting is growing in popularity – and not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s fun!



Projects Using Handmade Paper

  • place cards
  • bookmarks
  • gift tags
  • paint on it
  • plantable seed paper (free printable card at readwritecolor.com)

It’s really simple to make and you don’t need a lot of materials. The hands-on time is very minimal. The only thing to consider is the time it takes to let the paper dry, but otherwise, it’s quick and easy!

Handmade Paper


  • paper scraps
  • water
  • blender or food processor
  • screen
  • large container
  • cookie cutters


  1. Soak paper scraps overnight
  2. Blend saturated paper into pulp
  3. Shape the paper
  4. Add add-ins (flower petals, crayon shavings, seeds)
  5. Let dry 1-2 days

Find more projects from Kelcie on Instagram, @readwritecolor, or at readwritecolor.com.

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