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Make the new year better by ending 2022 right! Here are 3 ways to close out this year

Ending 2022 the right way will make your new year better.

Host of KSL Radio’s Inside Sources, Boyd Matheson, is an advocate of endings. From the big endings to the small ones, he says they are important for new beginnings.

As we end this year and transition into a new one, it’s important we end the year right to begin the new year better. Boyd joined us in Studio to share how.


3 Ways to Make Your New Year Better

  1. Presidential Pardons. Of course, we always get a little politics in – and this may actually be the most important! A pardon is the ultimate power a president can yield. (and they do on more than just a couple of luck turkeys before thanksgiving). A pardon provides the ultimate in “clean slate”. So, my first challenge to end the year is to identify that person for whom you are holding a grudge, anger, animosity or contempt – and Pardon them. Remember you only have to forgive once – to hold a grudge you have recreate and feed the negative emotion every day. I would also add that you also probably have someone in your life who you should hope would give you a pardon – if appropriate, ask for it – and if not – pray for it!
  2. This is a season of light – stars, Christmas trees, Menorahs and more.
    a. The center candle in the Menorah is called the Shamash (or helper candle) – it kindles all the others.
    b. Albert Schweitzer rightly pointed out that, “In everybody’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” I have great gratitude for the “light-kindlers” in my life.
    c. Intentionally be a light kindler.
  3. SEE, SAY, DO Challenge
    a. When I began my radio show several years ago I wanted to end each day with something that would matter and make a differ. I remember getting all the way to the last commercial break – and I had nothing. I pulled out my notebook and just started scribbling words… I finally circled:
    b. See Something that Inspires…
    c. Say some that uplifts…
    d. Do something that makes a difference…

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