sea shell trinket dish

Make a pretty sea shell trinket dish! The simple way to turn that ocean piece into décor

Turn your beach foraging find into a sea shell trinket dish.

You brought it home from the beach, so that treasured sea shell carries a little memory. Now, keep it forever as a dresser accessory. (Anthropologie will be so jealous).

It’s an idea inspired by the sea shore home of Craft Expert, Beth Kingston. With basic supplies and simple skills, you can craft up that shell to make a gorgeous décor or trinket dish.

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How to Make a Sea Shell Trinket Dish


shells (oyster or clam work best)

white acrylic paint

gold acrylic paint

mod podge (matte or gloss)

decorative paper napkin

foam paintbrush

detail/thin paintbrush


  1. If shell has any dark spots use white acrylic paint to cover. If there are no dark spots you are ready for step two!
  2. Separate layers of paper napkin (there are usually two). Keep the decorative layer and discard the plain layer.
  3. Cut or tear napkin to slightly larger than the shell.
  4. Add a thin layer of mod podge to shell and immediately apply napkin, starting in the center and working your way to the edges, gently tapping the napkin so it adheres to the mod podge.
  5. Tear away the excess napkin from the edges.
  6. Add a second thicker layer of mod podge to shell. Let dry.
  7. Use detail paintbrush to add gold acrylic paint to the edges of the shell. Let dry.

Beth is the resident On-Air Craft Expert on the Home Shopping Network, owner of Kingston Crafts – a paper craft company, as well as a host on HometalkTV. She is a proud military wife living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where they just bought their forever fixer upper and are also the proud sponsor parents of five midshipmen at the Naval Academy! She blogs on where she shares easy, affordable craft and home decor projects anyone can create. Her favorite part of working in the craft/DIY industry is when people share projects they’ve created with their family and friends! Come say hi at @thekingstonhome on all social media channels – she’d love to hear from you!

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