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Make sense of your emotions. 3 feelings and what they are really telling you

This advice will help you make sense of your emotions.

You know when you feel sad or mad, but can’t pinpoint why? It’s the mystery emotions you don’t want to feel, but don’t even know why you’re feeling them in the first place.

Mental health therapist Reva Cook shares how to get to the root of what those emotions are actually telling us.

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How to Make Sense of Your Emotions


When we are jealous- it’s a good indicator that alerts us to something that is missing in our life that is important to us. When we realize that- we can start to address the need we are missing.


Anger alerts us that we are being treated unfairly or unjustly about something that is important to us. This teaches us about our core values. When we see this, we can ask ourselves “Is there injustice? What do I care a lot about here? What is my value? How do I honor my values? How do I respond to being treated in a way that I feel is unfair?”


Worry alerts us that we are feeling out of control and unsafe about something really important to us. When we experience worry, we can ask ourselves “What is really important to me here? Why am I feeling unsafe? Do I need to find a way to feel more in control? Or do I need to work on accepting that this is an uncontrollable situation?”

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