trimmed jeans

$200, or $20? Make your own trimmed jeans for a fraction of the designer cost

Trimmed jeans are in! But don’t pay for designer, make your own!

If you look at what the designers are doing with denim these days, you’ll see some pretty trim. But take a closer look at the price tag and you’ll put those jeans right back on the rack. As with many designer trends, there’s a DIY for that! You can make your own trimmed jeans for max 20 bucks.

Noelle Olpin shares how. She gives some great sources for finding vintage ribbons, and how to put it all together for a trendy look.

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  • I have wanted to do this for years! I was so inspired by this segment that as soon as the show was over I went into my sewing room and gathered up my stash of trims and embellished an old pair of jeans! I love how they turned out! Thanks for the tutorial.