lace snowflakes

Make these unique lace snowflakes for almost nothing! Here’s the short supply list…

Lace snowflakes are a pretty winter decoration you can leave up through January!

Turn to your stash of fabric and fiber scraps for this Christmas craft. You’ll need lengths of old lace that you can turn into a collection of wintery snowflakes. Each is unique, each delicate in design. And, all nearly free.

Natalie Burton, from Making Space Thrift, shares the idea and tutorial.

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Natalie Erdmann Burton has been an outside-the-box sewist since the moment her mother taught her to use a sewing machine. She has been known to sew an article of clothing “real quick” rather than waiting for a laundry load to finish, and believes that nearly any musical can be costumed using primarily donated button-down shirts and a good selection of dyes. Her natural inclination to rescue all the things and a passion for keeping the fiber arts alive and accessible led to the creation of Making Space Thrift, a craft and fabric thrift store in Springville. Natalie and her husband Dave are raising their five children in Mapleton. Find Natalie at @makingspacethrift and

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