sensory bins

Make your own sensory bins! All you need are 4 basic ingredients

Sensory bins have so many benefits for little kids.

All moms love educational play. When that can be part of independent play? Even better! A cold winter day is the perfect time for a sensory bin. You might go out and buy one, or, you could make one yourself! The supplies are so simple, you probably already have them in your cupboards.

Kelsey Cook shares why she loves this activity for kids. She has a basic formula for building the perfect sensory bin: BITS! You need a base, the inside, a texture, and scoops. Put all your little “bits” together and you have an educational activity your kids will have hours of fun with.

Find more ideas from Kelsey on Instagram, @learningwithkelsey. Use code STUDIO5 for 20% off your first sensory box.


Sensory Bin Recipes


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