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Making the Middle School Transition: 9 ways to help your tween make the switch

The middle school transition can be a tricky one.

If you’re a mom of a new middle schooler, you may have noticed a change in your child’s demeanor since the school year began. That transition from elementary to jr. high is a hard one, and Brooke Romney says your child will need some grace to get through it.

Brooke is a writer, speaker, and educator. She shares her wise words to the parents of a new middle schooler.

For more advice from Brooke, you can find her on Instagram @brookeromneywrites, or check out her website brookeromney.com.


How to Help Your Tween Make the Middle School Transition

  1. That transition to middle school is A LOT. Give them some grace and let them open up. Don’t make them feel like they have to protect you or pretend like nothing has changed. Let them ask the questions and talk about the hard stuff.
  2. Stepping back is key in certain areas…choosing hair, friend problems (most of the time), etc. Help them understand they CAN figure things out!
  3. Help mitigate drama not add to it. Help them BE a good friend. Help them understand what they can control.
  4. Slacking off and being lazy is often a defense mechanism. When they are doing that, connect, love, praise the good, find opportunities, limit screen time. etc.
  5. They might not like you or your stupid rules. Love them anyway. Have confidence in your parenting but be willing to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things too.
  6. It’s hard for MOST kids, even if it looks easy. Don’t compare!
  7. If things are bad, don’t ignore it, get help!
  8. It’s SO much fun too. I love the age. Growing up but still young. They still need you. Take advantage of the good times, enjoy them, everything doesn’t have to be a learning experience, just be fun sometimes.
  9. There are ups and downs for everyone. It’s normal. Many of the hard things turn us all into a really interesting person so embrace it.

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