Making the Most of Shade

Darin Engh from Engh Gardens has a list of some flowers and foliage to place in those shady garden areas.

The top flowers and foliage for Shade Gardens are:

1. ‘Rockapulco’ Impatiens: Light up any shady area with masses of blooms that resemble miniature rosebuds; These exceptionally vigorous growers are butterfly and hummingbird magnets and require no deadheading, blooms spring to frost.

2. ‘Goldilocks’ Lysimachia: Trailing disks of greenish gold that turn bright yellow in the sun. An attention-getting groundcover that’s also a superb addition to patio pots and hanging baskets. Versatile, tough, and extra cold resistant.

3. Kong Coleus: Bold, exciting, and versatile. Phenomenal foliage plants with a gamut of sizes, leaf shapes, and patterns.

4. ‘Infinity’ New Guinea Impatiens: Vigorous, upright plants with large flowers; great flowering for shaded areas. Its brilliantly colored flowers contrast wonderfully with the dark green foliage.

5. ‘Margarita’ Sweet Potato Vine: Vigorous, trailing, mounded growth with vibrant chartreuse foliage

6. Endless Summer Hydrangea: Enjoy blooms all season long! Bloom consistently on both old and new wood. Flowers grow up to 8″ in diameter, with pink blooms in alkaline soil and blue blooms in rich acidic soil.

Advantages of Shade

• Foliage doesn’t burn in shade as it can in full sun.

• Flower colors are more intense when the sun doesn’t beat down on them.

• Plants need less watering in shade because evaporation is reduced.

• Weeds are considerably less of a problem.

• A wide range of interesting plants and foliage plants will grow in shade.

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