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Mars Rover Model On Display at Clark Planetarium

Calling all little astronauts and space lovers of any age – a Mars rover has landed in Salt Lake City!

Jayceen Craven Walker with Clark Planetarium offers a preview of the new “Mars Mania” exhibit.

You can also become a member – annual memberships start at $30. For more information go to,


Mars Exhibit Information

The NASA Mars rover, Perseverance, launched July 30, 2020 and landed on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021, over 117 million miles from Earth. It’s currently digging up samples, taking pictures, and even recording audio. Its twin model will be on display at the Clark Planetarium until November 6th.

In addition to seeing the model up close, patrons can also touch a piece of Mars! Some 178 Martian meteorites have been found on Earth, and several will be part of the exhibit. The best evidence that these meteorites originated on Mars comes from gases trapped in some Shergottite meteorites. These gases have the same composition as the Martian atmosphere, which are distinct from gases on Earth and in other meteorites.

And you can learn more from the big screen! “Destination Mars”, a full dome film that highlights humankinds efforts to travel to the red planet, is now playing in the Hansen Dome Theatre. Tickets for Destination Mars, or any shows, are $7 for matinees before 5 pm and $9 after 5 pm.

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