Massage Chair Relief: Comfortable Christmas Ideas

Dr. Alan Weidner talks about perfect Christmas ideas from Massage Chair Relief.

Can a new massage chair from Massage Chair Relief help make you healthier?

• Deep relaxation and stress release (you’ll probably fall asleep the first time you use your new chair!).

• Relief of muscle tightness and stiffness – (you’ll feel like “putty” when you’re done).

• Improved blood and lymph flow – Blood and lymph clean the body of harmful toxins. Vigorously working the muscles will improve blood and lymph flow which will increase toxin removal from your body. This can positively affect your blood pressure, too!

• Improved healing – Improved blood flow will increase oxygen transport to your body tissues. You need oxygen to heal. If the blood flow is improved, oxygen levels will be optimized and your tissues will heal better and quicker.

• Reduced muscle spasm – If you’ve ever had a massage from a licensed massage therapist, you know how good your muscles feel when you are done. Knots that were there before are now gone. Your massage chair will do the same thing. Not only do you get relief from tightness and stiffness in the muscles, but actual spasms will disappear.

• Increased flexibility – Relax your muscles…and your movement improves. Sometimes the effect is quite dramatic. Try bending over and touching your toes before you begin your massage recliner session. Then, do it again afterwards. You’ll be quite surprised at how much better your movement will be!

• Increased endorphin levels – Endorphins are your body’s own natural pain relievers. Exercise, chiropractic manipulation, and massage just happen to be three great ways to increase your endorphin levels.

• Many folks have noticed improved breathing – There is nothing like a massage recliner to work the muscles around your rib cage. You may even feel some ribs actually “pop” back into place while you are on your chair. These tight muscles and ribs can restrict your ability to breathe and you may not have any idea that it is happening…until you get off your massage chair, that is! Try it…take a deep breath after a session and see if your breathing is deeper and easier!

• Back and neck pain relief – Most of your body aches and pains come from the muscles. Address the muscles, as your massage recliner does, and you will see less and less pain. This also applies to…

• Improved posture – Many people who suffer musculo-skeletal pain have poor posture. The most common posture seen in a chiropractor’s office, for example, is the forward head carriage and extra-rounded rib cage (the “slouched”, “hunchback” look). This posture is devastating on all the support muscles, ligaments, and bones. Your new massage chair will help to reverse that posture. After a massage chair session, you will feel as though you are standing straighter. Do it every day and those changes will seem to last longer and longer.

• Prevention of degenerative arthritis – This links to the posture problem. Poor posture results in poor loading of the body relative to gravity which, in turn, will result in degenerative arthritis. In other words, when your posture is bad, gravity wears you down a lot quicker. Changing your posture and the way your muscles and ligaments function will change the abnormal loading of your body which, in turn, will slow down the process of arthritis in your spine! You won’t fully appreciate this until you’re over 40, when you begin to discover aches and pains that come out of nowhere. You certainly don’t want to look even more hunched over as you get older, do you?

• General feeling of well-being – You can’t improve muscle function, blood and lymph flow, endorphin levels, and your posture without feeling better generally. Feeling better will, in turn, improve your overall attitude. People that are in pain and discomfort have a harder time feeling “up” and motivated. It is truly amazing to see how different a person can look just by being pain-free. It almost seems like their whole countenance changes when they are feeling better. And that can affect so many other areas of your life.

Featured chairs on Studio 5

The Sanyo 7700 combines the sophistication of space technology with the most ergonomically comfortable massage chair in the market. With the push of a button, this chair will recline you to a position that the US Space Program has found to be the body’s most natural position in a micro-gravity environment. This will provide relief to your core muscles and allow them to relax, release and revive.

The Inada Cube. To try the Cube is to love the Cube. The Cube is revolutionary in lower leg massage. It’s this exact “out of the box” thinking and design that has made Inada a space-conscious option to a fully fledged massage chair. It has a system of air cells that provide foot massage therapies that provide pressure to key areas for alleviating pain, stiffness and discomfort in all areas of the body. Its multi-purpose design allows for functional flexibility changing from a chair to an ottoman , a side table, and of course, the amazing lower body massage.

This design alleviates the pain and stiffness in the calf and buttock areas, which support the spine and take the most abuse throughout the dya. The muscles of the entire body are able to be released by The Cube, working the corresponding reflexology points with an incredibly smooth and fluid massage mechanism. And it folds into a Cube!

For KSL viewers, Massage Chair Relief is offering the chair for $699. That’s less than $35 per month. They also offer 0% interest financing. You can get payments as low as $91 per month OAC.

To learn more about Massage Chair Relief, visit their showroom at 2248 West 5400 South in Taylorsville. Give them a call at (801) 417-8240 or go online at

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