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Millennial Parenting: How it’s different and what they’re getting right

The way millennials were raised is different than millennial parenting.

Generation X raised millennials. Millennials are raising Generation Alpha. From each generation to the next, parenting styles change. A new report by Lurie Children’s Hospital found nearly 9 out of 10 millennials say their parenting style is different from how they were raised. 98% of millennial parents talk about mental health with their kids, which they say wasn’t the case with their parents. 77% feel they are more present with their kids than their parents were.

Studio 5 Contributor Heather Johnson shared WHY millennials are doing it differently and what they are doing right.


“It’s important to remember that we tend to respond as a new generation based on what the generation before us did,” Heather said.

The Impact of Technology on Parenting

“We know that millennials have access unlike any other generation has ever had access,” Heather explained, “They have access to resources and opportunities and information that generations before them haven’t been able to access.” This access to information has significantly influenced millennial parenting styles. It has empowered them to seek answers independently, reducing their reliance on older generations for parenting advice.

The Strengths of Millennial Parenting

Heather appreciates several aspects of millennial parenting.

She noted, “They’re much more communicative, especially with their children and with each other as spouses. Communication is a bigger deal.” This increased emphasis on open communication is a significant shift from previous generations.

Heather added that millennial parents…

  • put a lot more emphasis on emotional intelligence
  • are more flexible in their parenting
  • involve the fathers much more
  • they take a much more gentle approach to parenting

The Takeaway

Regardless of the generation, Heather emphasized the importance of trusting oneself as a parent.

She said, “Trust that you are right for your children. We are right. And why are we right? Because we’re their moms. We’re their grandmothers. We’re their fathers and their grandparents. We’re right because that’s the position we hold.” This trust in oneself as a parent is crucial for raising children with confidence and love.

Heather also emphasized the benefits of perceiving everything as neutral, especially when considering the actions of our parents or previous generations. By adopting a neutral perspective, we can objectively decide which aspects of parenting to carry forward and which to leave behind. This approach not only strengthens relationships by preventing a focus on negatives, but also allows us to embrace the aspects that matter to us and incorporate them into our homes.

While each generation has its unique approach to parenting, the millennial generation’s emphasis on mental health, open communication, flexibility, and gentle parenting marks a significant shift in parenting styles. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how Generation Alpha, raised by millennials, will approach parenting in the future.

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