Mini Weight Balls: Tool or Toy?

You may have noticed them tucked away in a corner at your gym: a small, colorful ball that looks more like a toy, than a fitness tool.

But as Studio 5’s Brooke Walker learned – a mini weight ball can pack quite the punch!

Skills Fitness was created by a team of 6 visionary businessmen and residents of the Davis County community. It all began with an idea for a Fitness center that looked and felt like a Country Club and that functioned like a top-flight training facility. From the moment you enter the doors, you instantly see that Skills is not a gym but a genuine one-of-a-kind health club.

The SKILLS Fitness facility promises a comprehensive line of Precor and FreeMotion equipment as well as personal trainers who are required to have advanced degrees in nutrition and fitness training. SKILLS features a dedicated spinning room with 24 cycles, a cardio cinema room with full-screen entertainment while working out, and a state-of-the-art body conditioning room with beginning and advanced Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Les Mills programs and several new custom programs which have just entered the market. Extensive day care facilities are provided as well as our Premium Platinum Club locker rooms. You will enjoy or separate men’s and women’s steam, sauna and Jacuzzi amenities as well as our full service Nutrition FitPro Shop and Juice Bar.

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