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Gary Kelso of Mission Health Services, will contrast and compare nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Whether you and your family are facing a quick decision about a nursing home due to a recent event, or have been coping with a worsening progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, considering a nursing home is not an easy decision.

1. Emotions such as guilt, sadness, frustration and anger are normal.

2. Working through the possibilities of housing, finances, and medical needs can help you and your family make an informed decision.

3. Knowing the differences between a nursing home and assisted living facility is extremely important.

What really is a nursing home?
Nursing homes differ from assisted living facilities in terms of the level of medical care and services they provide.

• Nursing homes provide 24-hour medical care to people with    chronic medical conditions with licensed nurses on staff 24    hrs/day with an average total staff twice that of an assisted    living facility.
    o Nutritional management program
    o Wound care management program
    o Infection control program
    o Risk management program
    o Medication management
    o IV Therapies
    o Resident assessment

    o Rehabilitation management
    o Religious and social programs
    o Hospice care

    o Respite care
    o 3 meals + nourishments daily
    o Daily laundry and housekeeping

• Regulatory Oversight by multiple state and federal agencies

What really is an assisted living facility?
“Assisted living” is a general term for living arrangements in which some services are available to residents who still live independently.

• Services generally offered:
    o taking medicine,

    o bathing,
    o dressing,

    o using the bathroom,
    o getting to appointments

    o All other services would be offered by an outside contracted        agency
    o provide at least two daily meals

    o weekly housekeeping

    o Assistance with daily living activities.
• Very little regulatory oversight

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