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Have more fun in marriage! Here are 3 ways to make it part of your daily life

Feeling secure leads to more fun in marriage.

The Christmas season is full of joy, but how much of that fun is shared with your spouse?

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Trevor Hanson, is a big believer in making marriages more playful. He claims that fun in a relationship is a byproduct of security. He shares how to have more fun in your relationship.

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3 Ways to Have More Fun in Marriage

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Trevor stresses that amidst the routines and challenges of everyday life, maintaining a sense of playfulness is crucial to sustaining that initial spark and connection in your marriage.

Fun as a Product of Security

Trevor claims that a sense of security lays the groundwork for genuine fun. When individuals feel secure in their relationship, they exhibit openness, flexibility, and a willingness to engage—important components for creating playful moments together.

Strategies for Infusing Fun into Marriage

Trevor shares strategies that will help you infuse more fun into married life, beginning with shedding self-protection tendencies. By cultivating a secure environment through open communication and vulnerability, couples create a more comfortable environment.

Another one of his suggestions involves embracing a childlike mindset. Encouraging a playful outlook, where the focus shifts from worrying about circumstances to seizing opportunities for enjoyment, injects a fresh, lighthearted perspective into daily life.

His final point revolves around prioritizing connection over circumstances. Rather than waiting for ideal conditions, focusing on building meaningful connections amid the unexpected moments creates a deeper sense of joy.

Marriage is not only shared responsibilities but also shared moments of joy and playfulness. Integrating these principles can transform routine moments into memories.

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