Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

If you want to improve your appearance, going under the knife is no longer the only option!

Dr. Steve Jepson runs the Best of State-winning Medical Spa. He breaks down the four most popular procedures and how they can help you.

Non-Surgical cosmetic treatments are now more popular than ever. These types of treatments have been the focus of my practice for almost 7 years now and my clinic is currently recognized as the Best of State-winning Medical Spa. Many of you come into my office knowing that you want to do “something” to improve your appearance, but many still aren’t aware of the all the types of treatments available. So today I want to count down our 4 most popular treatments in order.

4. Fractionated Laser Treatments – There are many different kinds of facial laser treatments available, but fractionated lasers offer the most complete and aggressive approach to laser facial rejuvenation. This type of laser will remove unwanted brown discoloration, improve overall skin tone, reduce pore size, reduce fine wrinkling, and offer some mild lifting – and only one treatment is generally required. But… this laser is also associated with some social downtime. Generally you can expect to be red and not able to wear makeup for anywhere between 5-7 days. Cost – a little over $2000 (more info at )

3. CoolSculpting – This treatment offers effective and completely non-invasive body contouring with no significant downtime. It freezes and selectively destroys unwanted fat. It’s ideal for getting rid of localized areas of fat that don’t seem to go away no matter what (such as the lower abdominal pooch or love handles). The company has been very selective so far about the doctor’s offices that offer this technology, and we are one of the few clinics in the Intermountain Area that has it – I have patients coming from as far away as Oregon and New Mexico to have this procedure done. It has received lots of positive reviews in the media lately and our patients have been very pleased with their results. And it has been very popular – it’s now our third most popular procedure. Cost — $995 to treat one area.
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2. Dermal Fillers – Juvederm and Radiesse are my two favorite dermal fillers and this type of injection remains a very popular way to soften up deep facial wrinkles/folds (especially around the nose and mouth) and areas of hollowness (especially through the cheeks and under the eyes). The actual procedure is quick, minimally uncomfortable, and associated with no significant downtime (usually some mild bruising that can be covered with makeup). Cost will range between $450-$950 depending on the areas injected and the amounts needed, and the results can be expected to last up to a year. (more info at )

1. Botox – This is the best known and most popular cosmetic procedure world-wide, and it’s our most popular procedure as well. Botox gently relaxes the facial muscles that can cause wrinkles. Botox can also help lift certain areas of facial sagging, too. The overall effect is a younger more refreshed appearance. Popular treatment areas include the brow (between the eyes), forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), mouth corners, and chin. There is no downtime and it’s very safe – in almost 7 years of injecting Botox, I have never seen a significant complication. In fact, I even inject myself. Its effects are temporary though, lasting about 3.5-4 months. Most people get Botox about three times yearly to maintain its effect. Cost– between $180-$500 depending on the number of areas injected (more info at

During the month of March, we are offering a $100 rebate (through Allergan) on Botox and Juvederm if injected during the same visit. Call my office for more details.

And we are holding a free CoolSculpting Open House on Thursday March 24th at my office from 9am-5pm. Stop in and learn more about this “cool” new body contouring procedure and see if you are a good candidate.

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