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Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts: 5 projects kids can make with no mess

These handprint crafts are a perfect grandkid project.

Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday because the little ones who need Mom most, don’t always have the means to give Mom something special. Well Grandma’s, listen in, this is for you! We’ve got a Mother’s Day crafting keepsakes project you can help the grandkids make for mom, all made with tiny handprints.
And, we’ve got a way to make them with little to no mess.

Early Childhood Education Expert Kelsey Cook shares how. To keep it clean, Kelsey recommends using a foam brush to paint their hand rather than dipping it in paint. Make sure you have wipes nearby and that the child opens their fingers up wide. You need to be the one pressing the hand down, not letting them because it can get messed up easily.

Find more ideas from Kelsey on Instagram, @learningwithkelsey, or at www.learningwithkelsey.com.


5 Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts

Handprint bouquet

Butterfly: “You make my heart flutter”

Dinosaur: “You’re dino-mite”

Strawberry: “I Love you ‘Berry’ Much”

Cactus: “I’m so glad I’m ‘Stuck” with You”

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