Mr. Bones: The PVC Skeleton

Frantz Ostmann, a construction consultant with Home Coach, has created a skeleton made simply from PVC pipe.


There are many variations to Mr. Bones, decide who you want to have sitting on your front porch and adjust your materials list accordingly.


2 (10-foot) lengths of 3/4-inch pipe

4 (3/4-inch) crosses (slip style)

8 (3/4-inch) 90-degree elbow fittings (slip style)

1 (3/4-inch) tee connection (slip style)

This is how you will use your (2) 10′ pieces of PVC

These are optional if you want to cap the ribs and/or use the milk jug hands and feet. These threaded end pieces will screw directly into the milk jug spouts making a quick and easy connection.

6 (3/4-inch) caps (slip style)

2 (3/4-inch) 90-degree elbows (one end slip style and the other FPT/threaded)

2 (3/4-inch) female adapters (straight, with one end slip style and the other FPT/threaded)

4 (3/4-inch) clean-out plugs


Sheet of 320-grit wet/dry sandpaper (Optional, since they go together pretty easily.)

1 PVC saw, hacksaw, or pair of pipe cutters

4 white milk jugs

Washable marker

Craft knife

1 white plastic detergent jug for the head, or find a skeleton head at the craft store!!!!

White Con-Tact paper

Black adhesive craft foam

White duct tape


1. Lightly sand off any print on the PVC pipes with wet/dry sandpaper and some water. Then dry the pipes and cut them as shown in the template.

2. Fit the torso, arm, and leg pieces together as shown in the template.

3. Trace your hand on the outside of a white plastic milk jug, cut out the shape and wash off the markings. You can also use some plastic gloves for hands, and just tuck the legs into an old pair of boots.

Attach each hand by inserting the end of the PVC into the spout and then screwing it into the adapter at the end of the arm. Likewise, connect the feet, screwing the plugs into the elbows at the ends of the legs.

5. For the head, cover the printing on the detergent jug with Con-Tact paper (it may take 2 layers). Then cut out eye sockets and a nose from the adhesive craft foam and attach them to the handle side of the jug. Slide the head onto the neck and secure it with white duct tape.

You can decorate your skeleton any way you want. Try a costume or a mask to give it some personality.

For help on any project that involves tools or to find more fun projects that you can do yourself just logon to . Frantz Ostmann and his crew will be there to answer your questions right away!

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