Mr. Sandless

Trent English says Mr. Sandless is the solution for hardwood, tile, and even laminate floors.

As we come into spring and we see the wear and tear on our floors, many people think of cleaning and shining up their floors as well as trying to refinish them and fix the problems winter may have caused. Mr. Sandless can help with all kinds of floors in all kinds of shape.

One floor that we always get great results with is a waxed floor. The old school way of protecting a wood floor was to wax it…. wax it again, and wax it some more. The great part about wax is that it seems to do a wonderful job at protecting your floors… Dirt gets trapped in it and scuffs tend to get into the wax, yet not into the wood. Great right? WRONG… although they protect your floors, they dull out and look tired pretty quickly. Thus why the traditional way of a wax floor advocate is to wax them multiple times a year. This translates into a royal pain! Enough is enough, call Mr. Sandless. Let us revive the natural tones and color in your floor, and throw the wax away for good!

In addition to wood floors, Mr. Sandless refinishes all kinds of floors: hardwood, tile, stone and even laminate and Parquet.

Mr Sandless can do Parquet flooring! Parquet floors have been around since the 1600′s, and were present in some of France’s most illustrious homes. Refinishing them the traditional way can be very tricky, given their set-up. Some refinishers won’t touch them. Don’t worry, Mr. Sandless will! Because we don’t sand we are able to do floors that cannot be sanded.

We use a process similar to sanding but with a special non-toxic solution. Then we seal the floor with our own brand of finish. It looks like urethane, lasts like urethane, and you clean it like urethane. But unlike urethane there is no odor and it dries within one hour. So we can literally seal your floor with multiple coats in just a few hours. This is why our floors look so good and last so long.

We are offering a special for KSL viewers, if you call this month and mention you saw us on Studio 5 we can offer $50 off one room and $100 off the refinish of 2 rooms or more.

Like us on Facebook at Mr. Sandless Salt Lake for additional discounts. Call us for a bid at 877-714-9663 or visit our website at

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