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To the Nana Who Can’t: How you can be an amazing grandma, regardless of circumstances

A nana who can’t is still an amazing grandma.

The Studio 5 Nanahood is a special place where we celebrate and share ideas for grandmas. We chat about crafts with grandkids, Nana camp activities, and ways to stay healthy as we grow older. But we’re aware that much like motherhood, there is a group of nanas watching who would love to do so many of the positive, fun ideas shared on the show – but you can’t. Physically, you can’t play with your grandkids at the park. Financially, you can’t buy that lavish gift. Mentally, you can’t remember every child’s and grandchild’s birthday. We get that, and you’re loved just the same.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson speaks to the nana who can’t. Here’s the key takeaway: limitations don’t define your ability to be an amazing grandma.

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To the Nana Who Can’t

To the Nana Who Can’t Physically: Use Technology

What if you can’t physically keep up with the kids at the park? Technology might just become your best friend. Embrace it! Use FaceTime, YouTube, or GroupMe to bridge the gap. Don’t just learn from your grandkids and forget; write things down or create a video guide for yourself.

To the Nana Who Can’t Mentally: Serve

Memory issues or mental health challenges might hinder your ability to remember schedules or even faces, but there are solutions. Seek reminders and help to ensure you don’t miss out on special moments. Don’t underestimate the power of service; it’s a language of love that doesn’t rely on memory.

To the Nana Who isn’t Allowed: Leave a Lasting Trail

Sometimes it’s not about what you can do, but about not being allowed to have a relationship with the grandkids. It’s tough and heartbreaking, but forgiveness and understanding go a long way. Try to leave a trail behind you. Write your grandkids letters, buy them gifts, save photos, and hopefully one say you’ll be able to share them.

To the Nana Who Can’t Financially: Invite and Volunteer

If financial constraints limit your ability to splurge, focus on the moments, not the gifts. Your time, attention, and sharing experiences matter far more than any lavish present.

Being a grandma isn’t just about what you can physically, mentally, or financially offer. It’s about creativity, adaptability, and most importantly, the love you share. There’s always a way to connect, even if it’s not the traditional path. Grandmas, you’re amazing just as you are. Don’t let limitations define your capacity to love and create lasting connections with your grandkids.

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