National Institute of Health & Fitness

We all want to work on getting in shape and now there is a new program which is close to home that gives you a jump start in luxurious surroundings. The National Institute of Health and Fitness is designed to help people lose weight and get healthy at a luxury retreat.

Vicki Sorenson is one of the founders of the program and explains the advantages.

The National Institute of Health & Fitness (NIHF) recently launched an ongoing program at the Zermatt and Homestead Resorts designed to help participants lose weight, get fit and become healthier. Led by Dr. Marc Sorenson, his wife Vicki and a team of health professionals, guests in the program achieve their goals through a focus on exercise, nutrition and education.

Introductory weekly rates begin at $999 and include the full NIHF program, all meals, lodging and access to full resort activities and amenities. Most participants experience a weight loss of four to nine pounds per week and see health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, increased lung capacity, better flexibility and the ability to stop taking diabetes medications.

The new program is a no-nonsense approach to weight loss, fitness and health. Guests are educated on how to achieve and sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle while focusing on three key areas: exercise, nutrition and education.

· Exercise – The program offers hiking, walking and group classes such as yoga, zumba, Pilates, body contouring and aqua exercise. Additional optional activities include tennis, swimming, weight training, use of cardio equipment, golf, and scuba diving. Each guest completes a fitness evaluation and cardiovascular test so that a program can be tailored to fit the participant’s needs.

· Nutrition – Participants receive three vegan-based meals (with option of occasional protein) per day with availability of more food if hungry. Meals are high carbohydrate, low protein, and low fat. Healthful cooking classes are provided to encourage participants how to live a healthier lifestyle at home.

· Education – Regularly scheduled classes on weight control, nutrition, cancer, diabetes, heart health and fitness are an important part of the program. Classes are conducted by Dr. Sorenson as well as guest speakers.

The Sorensons founded the National Institute of Fitness at Utah’s Red Mountain Resort in the 1990’s which evolved into the model for successful health and fitness programs. Dr. Sorenson is the author of several books and a regular speaker at various health conferences around the world.

For more information about the NIHF program, visit or call 888-798-6443.

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