natural thanksgiving decor

Natural Thanksgiving Décor: Here are 3 ways to use your front yard as a shopping source

You don’t need to visit the craft store to find natural Thanksgiving décor!

A trip to the craft store would fill your cart with leaves and twigs and grass, but so would a trip to your own yard! Gather up the same supplies, but at no cost. You can make natural looking décor for your mantle, the dinner table, and even the kids’ table.

Cami Archer shares what pieces of your yard to bring inside. You probably have tons of leaves on the ground this time of year. Gather them up, string them together, and make a pretty mantle garland! Use those same leaves to create an interactive kids’ Thanksgiving table they’ll want to hang out at.

Find more unique ideas from Cami on Instagram, @honeybees_and_hollyhocks.

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