New Decks Arrive in Utah

Matt McClure is one of the distributors of Duradek, a product which has been around for many years, but is just now becoming an option for decking material here in Utah.


He demonstrated the material on Studio 5 and showed some of the uses for it. Since it’s newly available in Utah, Matt answers some of the most common questions:

What does pedestrian approved mean?

It is certified and approved as roofing material that you can walk on and not cause damage to the product. USA: ICBO #ES ER-5128 Fire-Rated: Class A and Class C Fire Rated Systems

Can you use it on more then decks?

Yes. Just about any surface that you want waterproofed can be done. We have dealers that install it on house boats and recreational boats, trailers, shower pans, walkways and ramps. Another very popular use is to waterproof with Duradek and then cover over it with tile, stone or cement.

How long will it last here in our harsh winters?

Fifteen to eighteen years.

What about tears or burns?

That is one of the advantages of using Duradek, it is easily repaired.

Can I use it on my redwood deck?

Yes. The great thing about doing this is that you not only get a good looking, low maintenance, waterproof deck but you have now also gained use of all the space below.

Who does the installations?

Again one of our advantages is that we only use dealers / applicators that have been trained by us. Each have gone through a two day training course that includes doing a deck surface with the certified trainer.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. Ten years.

Is it low maintenance?

Yes. The warranty card will ask that you wash it off four times a year.

Can I shovel the snow off in the winter?

Yes. In fact you can use rock salt, ice melt or kitty liter on it as well.

What about stains or spills?

The back of the warranty card explains how to get rid of the most common items, chewing gum, motor oil etc. We also have a couple of cleaning products available from Duradek to aid in cleaning.

Where can I get more information?

Does it come in many colors?

There are eighteen colors / designs to choose from.

How long has the product been in use?

Thirty four years


If you have more questions about Duradek, you can contact Matt through his website, or see more photos there. The website is

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