New Floral Prom Trends

Studio 5 Gardening Contributor Darin Engh shows some of the new creations.

Wrist corsages


o Basic buttonhole flowers have gone “debonair” with sophisticated enhancement

Sculpted leaves – shaped to replicate rose leaves, the metallic “foliage,” made from decorative wire, is a fun and fashionable accent to a single bloom.

In a bind – flowers bundled decoratively together by a broad band of metallic wire

Hair Flowers

o Headbands, barrettes, hair accents, tiaras

Handheld Flowers

o Clutch, purse decoration

One of the fastest growing trends in prom flowers is floral jewelry and body flowers.

Body Flowers

o Arm bands, flower tattoos, waist sash

Floral Jewelry

o Earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, rings

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