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Roll out the red carpet! New flower varieties for 2021 are here, and they are stunning

These new flower varieties are hitting a greenhouse near you!

We look forward to this day every year. Our preview of all the new spring flower varieties is here! There are so many new colors and combinations, you’ll want to find room for them all!

Brian Lloyd shares some of the new plants to look for this spring. He shares his favorites, and how these varieties are created every year. He also shares what to look for when you’re picking a new plant for your garden.

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New Flower Varieties for 2021

Dragon Heart Coleus (Ball)


Osteospermum Osticade Yellow (Danziger)


Petunia Bee’s Knee’s (Ball)


Petunia Headliner Enchanted Sky (Ball)


Petunia Carnival Potpourri (Syngenta)


Petunia Amore Heart and Soul (Danziger)

Petunia Hippy Chick (Danziger)

Salvia Sally Fun XL Blue (Danziger)


Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast (Dummen)


Coreopsis Solana Bright Touch (Danziger)


Coreopsis Solana Sunset Burst (Danziger)


Lewisia Safira Coral (All Plant)


Leucnathemum Double Angle Daisy (GreenFuse)


GoldiPhlox Phlox Subulata Hybrid (Syngenta)


Geum Firestorm (Terra Nova)

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