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Rebates are normally found with grocery items or some type of appliance in your home, but now the concept of rebates is coming to the real estate business. New Millennium Real Estate has found a way to make it work for customers.

Jennifer Reich is a broker with New Millennium and explains how it works.

· What is different about New Millennium Realty than other Real Estate agencies?

o New Millennium Realty/ Rebate State Team has revolutionized the Real Estate business. The main differentiating point from Rebate State and ALL other Real Estate companies is that they give up to 40% of the commission back to you.

· Why would a Realtor give up 40% of their profits? Are they still a FULL SERVICE agency?

o The Rebate State team at New Millennium realty realizes that today most knowledgeable consumers jump in and do a lot of their own investigation of possible homes online. So why not let the client benefit from their own hard work.

o We are full time, full service Realtors that really care about you and the home you want to buy or sell. Focusing on great service plus a rebate sets this company apart from the mass of Realtors that are out there today.

o We will work harder for your business. Our business model depends on it. By giving back up to 40% of our commissions we are counting on making you so happy that you tell all your friends.

· How does it work?

o REBATESTATE.COM has every MLS listing. Here you can instantly see the calculation of your rebate.

o The same offer is available whether you buy a home or sell your home of both. If you were to use the Rebate State team at New Millennium Realty for both selling your existing home and purchasing a new home you would be able to get up to 40% of the commissions back on each transaction.

o The average rebate is around $3300 depending upon the price of the home.

· How are satisfied consumers usually spending their rebate?

o We have seen everything from New Furniture to Hot Tubs to even a vacation to rest from moving. Smart consumers realize that this is a lot of money that could mean a lot for their families.

When asked about Rebate State, Brent Cordon, Owner, said “Clients Before Commissions. That’s what we’re really about. Whether you are buying, selling or both you can benefit from this unique business model. With Rebate State you get the same full representation and help as you would with any other full price realtor but without the heavy price tag. We’re NOT one of those discount brokerages that provide only limited services. In other markets Realty companies have tried to mimic this but could only do so by being a partial service realtor. Rebate State continues to be a full service Realtor working harder to earn your business. Darin Kidd, Co-Owner said “In fact, we’ll probably work harder for you than anyone else. We have to, our business depends on it. And by the way, you still get up to 40% cash back after closing. After having a FULL SERVICE Realtor take care of you every step of the way, it’s a nice bonus to get.”

For more information, you can contact New Millennium Real Estate at
or (801)810-5021.

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