New Soap Trends

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares the latest new trends in soap!

Everyone seems to be embracing new trends in soap! There are entire blogs dedicated to all things soap. If you want to buy cool and unusual soaps, they are everywhere! From caffeinated soap products, that claim to help wash away the pounds, to less healthy options, like soap made to look bacon! If you’re more of a sweet tooth, there are soaps made to look like dessert. From cupcakes, to popsicles, even candy, you name it and you’ll find it! Want an extra punch in your shower routine? Try using soap knuckles, made to look like brass knuckles! For the gamers out there, make bath time a blast with Blocks of Tetris Soap, or soap that looks like a game controller! No matter how you choose to lather up, there’s no excuse to not have a little fun in the process!

Here are my favorite spots to find fun soap products:

Anthropologie (Gateway Mall)
If you are looking for beautiful, designer soaps, you have to check out Anthropologie! They carry so many varieties and the packaging is pretty enough to display as artwork!

These soaps are handmade, glycerin-based, skin-loving and full of owlicious bubbles and delightful fragrances. These little soapy creations will put a smile on your face and a hoot in your heart. Best of all, when you order 4 bars or more, you’ll get extra goodies in your envelope!

Felted soaps are awesome chunks of colorful goodness. Luckyloulou uses super soft merino wool sometimes blended with silk to felt around 100% Vegan cold-press soaps. The soap gently exfoliates and lasts longer with the felt casing. All of Luckyloulou’s soaps are vegan traditional kettle process soaps carefully blended with eco-friendly palm and coconut oils for their rich, skin moisturizing glycerin. Each cake is wire-cut, air-dried and aged to create a long-lasting soap for exceptional mildness.

Each soap is carefully crafted in the form and color of rocks and gems! Made with unique blends of whole herb extracts, vitamins and minerals, SoapRocks are very mild and extra long lasting. As they gently cleanse, each soap will slowly weather away like a stream stone in geologic time, exposing the beauty locked away within.

The perfect Valentines Gift for your loved one! Find personalized Valentines gifts and unique Valentines gifts for everyone in the Birthday gifts collection. Soapcard’s messages ideas range from ‘I Love you’ to “meet me in the shower”. They also offer personalized Valentines photo soap gifts for every recipient.

Three French Hens- 1328 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City – (801) 581-0479
This store is the best place to find unique gift ideas, trinkets, home décor and yes, soaps! I love their Valentine’s gift sets that come with a matching hand towel!

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