New Uses for Everyday Things: Newspaper

Studio 5 Contributor, Kathleen Alder shows how to put those discarded newspapers to good use.


1. Line, protect and deodorize closet shelves and drawer bottoms by lining them with newspaper.

2. Make fire logs out of old newspapers by rolling up sheets of newspaper tightly in the shape of a log. Tie them tight with string or a rubber band and use them in your fireplace or on a camp fire.

3. Deodorize and dry leather shoes, purses, and in suitcases by placing balls of old newspaper inside. This helps leather items maintain their shape, while also deodorizing them.

4. Polish windows to a streak-free shine by using old newspaper. Also great for polishing chrome.

5. Keep the weeds down in your garden by spreading out sheets of newspaper between plants in your garden. It is cheaper than black plastic!

6. Make mulch for your garden by tearing or shredding newspaper and adding them to the soil.

7. Ripen green tomatoes from your garden slowly by bringing green tomatoes in the house and wrapping them in old newspaper. Place them in a dark, cool area, and they will ripen nicely.

8. Prevent frostbite in the garden by covering vulnerable garden plants with tents made out of newspaper.

9. Keep flowers fresh when you transport them by putting them in damp newspaper.

10. Make a child’s birthday party fun! At least a day ahead of time, blow up a balloon, make a paste of 1 part flour and 2 parts water (you can put a couple of T. of salt in the mixture to prevent mold). Use strips of old newspapers to create a piñata. Let dry and paint with acrylic paints, fill with candy and hang from a rope for a great time with the kids.

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