s'mores box

No fire pit? No problem! This genius s’mores box will transform your summer parties

A s’mores box makes this summer treat the center of your backyard party.

Roasting s’mores around the fire is a summer staple, but not everyone has access to a fire pit! A simple DIY solves that problem. Put together a tabletop s’mores bar and you won’t even miss that fire pit!

Brooke Carter shares how she put together a s’mores box. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a backyard picnic. Lay it out on the table and everyone can get to making their favorite summer treat. Brooke also shares some unique ways to dress up the classic s’more.

Find the giveaway Brooke mentioned on Instagram, @theloveliestdetail, and find more ideas at www.theloveliestdetail.com.

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